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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I've been attacked! YES!

Read this very funny rant on TSSH as revealed to me by the Boi; you can find it here. I actually don't read it anymore... yep. I boycotted a site because I didn't like their treatment of others.

They then decided to misquote me; which is fine. That's their right. I found the attack very funny which is why I am linking to it.

What I didn't find funny is that I have no right to defend myself as I am not "subscribed" to their site. People if you don't want honest feedback then subscription makes sense. So; as is my right as a "dull and turgid" person I chose to retort here.

The "saving one person at a time" intro comment is meant as a tongue in cheek dig at myself. Yes, I do want to make a difference... and yes that could be perceived as dull.

I do volunteer work with the "Less fortunate" in our community. I work in an industry where making everyday count is what matters and I am studying to help others over come the mental health issues that plague one in five in our society. I have run for Federal Parliament for the Democrats on the basis that they have the better policies surrounding health care and education. Yes, I have causes. WHO DOESN'T?

Next point: I've been diary writing online in one form or another for about more than a decade now (started in 1994 at Uni in Bendigo, no I cannot find the links to put them here.), so the "month old" comment is more evidence of not getting facts right. Right to expression in any creative form does not exclusive belong to legal experts, computer geeks or journalists, nor does it come from having used a forum longer than others.

A retaliatory attack on me was fair; if I respond to others for being petty then I expect a retort. To do so in a way that does not then allow people to respond or defend themselves is juvenile. What next; pull my pigtails and run away? Stick your tongue out and go nerne nerne nerner?

I am however assuming it was a tssh poster, or reader, who posted a very offensive reply to one of my previous posts under the name "Penis", which I removed because family read this. Otherwise I would not have censored that comment. The advantage of blogging is free speech.

Not free attack because someone has a different view to you; but free speech. I didn't attack you guys; I just disagreed with what was said by you and advocated a boycott. I didn't make libellous comments, I didn't disagree with your right of reply over someone's comments directed at you. I just felt it was being taken way too far and thought that if people who were offended didn't read your stuff then it might fade away. Sounds reasonable to me. If you were a company I'd recommend not buying your products, if you were a country I wouldn't visit you. If you don't like my rants, my expression of self, then feel free to boycott me; I cannot say I care.

So how about I give you something legitimate to use in your attacks?

I don't write for others; but I will admit I try to moderate my style so others can read it. If I want to voice an opinion publicly I'll phone talk back radio or post to anothers journal. Anything I write here is as much an expression of self as it is a public forum. No ones life is full on excitement. I could resort to attacking others for a blog; but this goes against beliefs I hold.

BTW The Boi suggested that I don't link the article in as it "just empowers them", if I don't though it makes me as weak as you. (Are you going to launch an attack on him now too?)

So: my "Dull and turgid" little "month old" blog is here for those who want to read it.

To everyone else; thank you for taking the time to read my rants, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy them, but hey; like you I do this for me and so that those I care about know what I am up to. You don't need to return; but please, if you feel like you want to attack me; do it openly, here. Don't hide it on a site I don't read.

Additional bit: it was pointed out that they attacked again over a post that was on procrastination; if I am so repugnant why don't they do to me what I have done (until this date) to them and IGNORE ME. This reminds me of the vitriolic flame wars at Uni. They too were pointless, anonymous and childish. They also had fall out beyond the immediate circle of those under attack. As a friend called to say, after reading all of this; "Hey, if they've taken that much offense you've obviously reflected back something they don't like in themselves." I just want to know why if I am so dull they keep returning?

Amongst the second attack was a mention in a comment about me posting an email rather than forwarding to everyone in my in box; They're now attacking a person for promoting cancer awareness? Seriously. I must say I am looking forward to an in box clogged with the "champagne" that keeps spewing forth from tssh readers. And yes, I am aware that the two linked blogs are very similar; did you even read the intro on "Crayons"?

Lives people; they are not that expensive; go get your own and then you won't need to be bored by mine.

OK, back to ignoring that they exist.


fanofalmostanyothersite said...

i waded through your prose. 'tedious' is insufficient to describe your attempt to justifying your existance in the blogosphere. it's not about you. it's not a popularity contest. it's possibly about whether one can justify the download necessary to view your stuff. on your performance to date.....nup.

Kit Fur Cat said...


Thank you. It wasn't an attempt to justify my "existance in the blogosphere" merely a need to vent; which is what I understand blogging to be about.

I appreciate your well worded and considered response.

Tempest said...

Can you explain the "creative dossier" of the other blog. What IS the point of duplicating your boring content?

fanofalmostanyothersite said...

a release of gas, however necessary, should be done in private.

stanley said...

ur jus jelus u h8r!!! why dun u leave TSSH alone. They dun nuthing to you, so u should jus get a life an leave them alone or sumthing.

Chris Masters said...

Dont worry. This nonsense is typical of tssh. Caz tries so hard to be above everyone in some desperate attempt to defeat her

Ask her about her dramatic exit from the internet. She gave others a hard time for doing it - but then she made a triumphant return after the drugs she was issued for the post nate kicked in.

She has no life. But provides laughs for readers at her own expense.

H8terMang!!1! said...

Especially for you Kit_Fur_Cat.
Just deserts.
From someone who enjoys your blog and what you stand for.

Tempest's ex-boyfriend said...

TSSH are full of shit and they have been for years. Cuz and The Hick are just two unimaginative wankers who mistake vitriol for wit and seem to get a kick out of insulting others. My advice would be to simply ignore them. Others who tried remaining friendly (SGS or whatever his name is) had to endure repeated character assasinations.
Caz is a ill-tempered no-hoper who can't find work in journalism and her root is an angry misanthrope who is obviously still suffering shell-shock (whilst sucking hard on the dick of his employer).

Kit Fur Cat said...

tempest's ex-boyfriend: Thank you for your advice.

Tempest said...

Tempest's Ex BF...
Are you the long term psycho or the one from heidelberg?

Or the one who I fell asleep during sex because it was so dull?