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Sunday, October 08, 2006


Last night I (in the midst of pre passionate encounter prep) managed to walk into the shower corner. You know, the metal bit that sticks out at an inconvenient angle?

My first response was "OW! FUCK!" which got a good response from the Boi. When I could talk I told him what I'd done. Including the overly dramatic "I *short up take of breath* think *sniff* I *sob* broke *wail* it."

Well, I don't know what I did. Two toes bent back in a very ugly way. Only smallest toe was really throbbing. It wasn't broken as I could still manouver it with out use of fingers.

Only thing is, this morning I cannot put my foot down flat. The small toe is half black. I have pains shooting into my foot when not even placing pressure on it.

As a nurse I know better then to let things slide like this. I'm just too embarassed to go down to Emergency (closest thing this area has to a 24 hour clinic), take up valuable time (mine and theirs) to have it checked out... "Excuse me Sister, but my little toe hurts. Can you look at it for me?"

Predictably once the Boi realises that I am in discomfort he will make an appointment for me and make sure I look after myself. I'll do my usual "All Doctors are Fuckwits" rant. He'll make sense in a most frustrating way, and will resolve it all.

Until then... my toe hurts. *sob, sob, pout* :P

(Really gotta learn how to smiley face on this.)

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