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Monday, October 09, 2006

Screen message

OK.... so this is totally juvenile and really not funny but it made me laugh.

One lady at the place I do volunteer work has a Nokia. The screen shows her network, her location, and the status of the phone (i.e. Locked).

It read "Virgin, Ringwood, Unlocked" which I initially read as "Virgin; Bring wood; Unlocked."

See.... juvenile, not funny, not even clever. It might be funnier if you consider spell check on Blogger has not got Nokia but has got nookie. :)

It made me laugh.

Something we all need to do more.

PS Went to Dr this morning; my toe not broken. HA! *Sticking out tongue and doing the 'I told you so' limping dance at the Boi." (Who wants to be a grown up?!?!)

Yours in total immaturity.

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