Phases Of The Moon and Phases Of Fertility


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Belated Tuesday Twosome.

Time Management:

1. Two things you procrastinate the most about: Homework; as in 2 major assignments due this Friday. Going to the gym; this happens in stops and starts. The stops are hard for me to restart.

2. Two things that take priority in your time management: Spending time with my partner; in IVF you can lose sight of the other person so for me this is my biggest priority. Books; reading the latest by my favourite authors.

3. Do you usually arrive on time or late? About ten minutes early.

4. Do you get annoyed when other people arrive late or you really don’t care? I get more worried then annoyed, but I do care. With mobile phones it doesn't take much to let people know you'll be late. Ten minutes is OK but after that it starts to say that you realy don't care about other people.

5. What two things would you change/delete about your daily schedule in order for you to have more “down” time? Commercials from the shows I enjoy; TV and Radio. I'd like a genie for the housework, fairly obvious.

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