Phases Of The Moon and Phases Of Fertility


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Random Rumblings And Follow Ups.

Meely with Sausage; Ballerina costume.

Saturday was great fun. It was also very very cold. I never made it to the Halloween party as I ended up working ridiculous hours over the weekend; being run down resulted in me being so run down as to be in recovery mode still. Lots of Boi Hugs and rest while watching "Chinese Food TV".

Kat-ism explained: Chinese Food TV is TV that satisfies while your watching it but leaves you craving real content afterwards. Pizza TV is that guilty pleasure you get from watching a show that you know has no redeemable features but you enjoy anyway. It was suggested I try to explain some of my references in case people who don't know me read this.

Back to Saturday: Meely had been in hospital all night due to dehydration. She was having a ball at her party, though, and the only sign she'd been sick was some weight loss.

Peek-a-boo With Mitchell; Elmo Costume.

I enjoyed being able to hold Mitchell for most of the day; covered in vomit and all! It was great. My mum thinks this is a sign that I am ready for kids when nappies and chuck make me cry for not having a child of my own.

I wouldn't swap the family that were at this party for anything. It took me a while to realise just how lucky I was to have them. They have proven my foundation while organising things, going through IVF, etc. In a few cases this surprised me; but I am happy to be wrong when it comes to these things.

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