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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Six; Saturday Saying. #1

I thought I'd invent my own meme. I want it to reveal things about who I am; or who ever is doing it. I also love quotes and sayings so I thought I'd combine them. The first one I am going to try for is a positive spin; especially after crashing from manic o depressed in such glorious fashion last night about 23:30. So;

6 positives achieved this week and a saying that is positive.

If I get interest I'll explore that thing called code and begin linking in; hey this might become blog #3 in the Fur range, journal type thing number 5 for the author.

(Note to self:When did I start writing in a way intended for others to read and not just as a diary for myself? I mean, I want to be published one day but like this? *Shrug*)

Positive things:

1 We got a new phone so we can contact people without problems, and they can call us.

2 My sister liked the dress that I have chosen out for her; I just need to get size sorted.

3 The invites were sent and we have gotten some responses.

4 Only three essays, two exams and two rpls and I've finished my course; and I got the additional 5RPL information handed in to the person it needed to go to this week.

5 I made someone happy through a random act of kindness; I gave a lecturer an anonymous chocolate bar "chocolate fairy" style. Doing it anonymously bought me more joy then all the thanks in the world; if the few people who knew hadn't told it would of been better.

6 I was linked by one of my favourite bloggers; miss Politics; on her site. Not even the Boi has done that yet. I also think it's cool he gets more hits through me then in any other way. Small smile.

Andre Gide:
Only those things are beautiful which are inspired by madness and written by reason.

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