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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Getting Serious About The Craft


So I figure it's time to get serious on a few things.

I realy need to find a person to teach me, about Wicca and the increasing awareness I have. My question is how do I find this person?

Do I advertise in the local peper:

31 yr old Pagan seeks
a coven for purposes
of learning, growing and friendship.
Must love cats.

Do I put it out there and wait? Hmmm... patience, a lesson I am still learning... hmmm

Do I search for the equivalent to an or Google the information and hope it comes together?

I'm going to begin by just putting it out there.

Then we can see what will happen.

Whatever you are, be a good one. Abraham Lincoln

or more aptly for the moment:

William Shakespeare:
To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first.


Miss Politics said...

This will sound kind of whacky however don't frett too much about finding a coven. You will find one without having to try when the time is right.

Most covens are quite secretive and so they would not by and large contact someone who puts out an advertisement or the like.

Be patient. In the meantime join some on line networks or make links with other wiccans.

I'll see if I can find a ritual that will help bring a postive group of people your way.

I hope your not feeling to afraid at home now. I have had someone break into my house while I was in it. It was frightful :(

A few tips on covens:

1. Not all covens will suit you. Some have a particular focus eg. environmental, feminist etc. Try to suss that out before you commit yourself

2. Make sure you meet coven members in a public place at first and maybe take a friend along.

3. Let other people know when you are going to a coven activity.

4. Be safe. I guess that is my point.

Look out for sabbat celebrations when the main festivals are on. Take along the boi and you will meet alot of interesting people.

I'll see if I can post up some festival info on my wiccan blog.

Let me know at what stage you are at as I have alot of resources and might be of some help.

Kit Fur Cat said...

Thank you, Miss Politics.

I've been dabbling for a while, but am now ready to commit beyond census forms and reading material.

I firmly believe the true teachers we need come to us as we need them.