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Friday, October 06, 2006

An ill informed rant. (But at least I'll admit it.)

THIS made me sick.

I can just picture the spin doctors sitting around:

Sixteen year old page seduces Republican, taking advantage of his weakness related to his homosexuality.... hold on... 16, that's a bit young... um... we need a scape goat that the punblic won't side with um....

We'll blame the parents :stage mother pushing her child to get ahead. OF COURSE she encouraged her son to recieve sexually eplicit texts from Mr Foley. She probably even helped her son to respond.

But WAIT! NO! It was a set up by the opposition party.... they manipulated the page boys in to seducing Mr Foley.

HOLD ON.... The public are siding with the kids... um... "Who'll look after the children?!?"

I only know what little I've read and heard throught the media. I am not really in a position to take sides or make judgements. In my oppinion though (this is opposed to fact, it's one persons view point), any media organisation that uses such an awful act to not only further victimize the children involved (who at 16 really knows their mind?) but to push a political agenda in the face of such behaviour makes me sick.

Mr Fox Network, I hope your grandchild never has to go through this, another view can be found here.

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