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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fear and Love.

A wise woman once said to me; How can you expect to change the world in a positive way when you use language that reinforces negativity? I am trying my hardest to change my language rom the negative to the positive but sometimes it is harder than you would think.

As our farmers face droughts that might mean primary industry in this country may end up on life support; while our Government supports trade relations with a country that undercuts our primary producers with lower quality food; as our troops remain in countries under false pretexts; as a neighbouring country plays with bombs inthe name of freedom; as the right to life lobby launch yet another attack on my ovaries and how I decide to use them; as stemcell research becomes demonised by the same people; as children starve, are abused, are abandoned and die alone; as the same happens to the elderly; I struggle to find a positive voice.

So as we approach Beltane; All Hallows eve, All Souls Day, and the moving in to one of the most spiritual times on most religious callenders I ask that the Gods and Godesses; who ever they are, whatever they look like; remind their followers that the central message of all belief is love.

I am not against America; I am for Australia.
I am not against the gun owners; I am for a world where we don't need them.
I am not supporting terrorists; I am supporting the soldiers.
I am not advocating burying heads in the sand; I am shouting from the roof tops that we need truth not propaganda.

Seems I'm not alone.

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