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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Hallow's Tuesday Twosome

A Halloween Meme…

Are you scared?1. Do you celebrate Halloween? Explain: No; it's not something big in Oz. As a Pagan I celebrate a fertility festival around the spring equinox that falls close to Halloween, what some people celebrate in February. If you consider Halloween a Harvest Festival then I celebrate it in Autumn close to the Autumnal Equinox, around Easter (or Eostre's) festival. The opposite of the seasons in the Western Hemisphere applies of course.

2. Do you hand out candy and/or go door-to-door trick-or-treating?

No; but if kids came to the door I would hand out candy; double headed snakes this year.

3. What was the scariest Halloween costume you had and why did you pick out that costume?

My favourite costume was an out of work fortune teller that I wore for a y2k arArmageddon themed party. I carried a sign saying "Will predict for food". I also had a "drug tester" costume for a Sydney olOlympics theme at work in a nursing home; complete with specimen jar and badge saying "Drugs tested free". Sadly; no Halloween Costumes.

4. Do you prefer a “trick" or “treat”? Explain: Treat. 'Cos I'm nice. *grin*

5. Do you think Halloween is scarier now than it was when you were younger? Explain:

Sorry; I'm not really in a situation to comment on that.


Gattina said...

But Halloween IS a pagan feast ! I learned more about it and wrote it down here :

And all this because in Europe nobody celebrated Halloween any more it's just coming back again

Kit Fur Cat said...

Thankyou, honey. I agree with what you've said.

My view is it's a traditional harvest festival. Harvest in Australia is another 5 months off. If it weren't for the drought we'd be in our most fertile time down under. So I celebrate it then as a celebration of what the Gods and Godesses have provided us.

I'm not anti Halloween; I just think it's wrong time of year for the eastern hemisphere.

I hope yours was great.