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Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday meme; day 7!

This one is from Monday's a Bitch. I think this might see my mini challenge to myself out.

1. If you could have a view of anything you wanted from your bedroom window, what would you choose?
The beach, probably the Middle Brighton beach to be more specific. It has the melbourne skyline in the backround. St night it is gorgeous. I also liove watching storms come in over water.

2. Have you ever tried Red Bull? Did you like it?
Yes. No.

3. Is there anything that you are embarrassed to go out and purchase?

4. Do you like amusement park rides? Are high adrenaline rides preferable, or do you prefer the mellow ones?
Some. Not high adrenaline ones. I like mellow ones, like the Matador, but cannot stand ferris wheels or roller coaster; hieghts and disconnection from sitting 100% on seat respectively.

5. Do you tend to be more attracted to people (romantically or for friendship) who are similar to you or very different? What sorts of differences in your personalities might attract you to a person?
I'm attracted to the things in others that lie beneath the first initial impression. If the person is intelligent then I am likely to associate with them, useless cultural knowledge a bonus. Geeky? Then asl. Curvaceous? Bonus! My friends are all so diverse that I don't know what attracts me to them overall.

I'm turned on by brains more then body type, but like guys to be a little cuddly and taller then me. The only negative about the Boi is he could be about five inches taller so I could rest my head more comfortably on his chest. That's about my only precursor; after that it comes down to how personalities mesh, and beliefs.


Anonymous said...

what's up, Cate?

Anonymous said...

Thank U for you're blog
u have opened my eyes to vista's that perhaps have been closed to me
U R teh bomb
shalom baby!

Charlie said...

Dis is da best web sight i hav eva red! Kep up da good werk n i will be bak all da tim.