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Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Fur Children; Warning - Cat Blogging.

This is Nutbag and this is Bosco.

Nutbag (Left) was the Boi's before we met; he called her that as he thought it would be what he'd refer to her as most often. She gets Pusscat Magillicatty more often then anything else.

Bosco (Above) was abandoned by neighbours of a friend who couldn't have anymore cats at their place; so he came with name attached. He's the One Cat we are "saving" at the moment. If we hadn't taken him in he probably would of ended up at the RSPCA and euthanized. Bosco shows signs of previous abuse but is slowly coming around to us; as long as we don't touch his stomach he's fine. He gets Orange Boi more often then Bosco.

OK, so way TMI on the cats. Why? We spent the day surrounded by small children with some people making comments about "when will you be having kids" to other couples in front of us. Seriously; when will people accept not everyone wants kids or can have them? So instead of ranting unfairly about "breeders" I'll just quietly post about the cats. Once again down part of mood cycle; results in biased rants that disregard anything other than my own current preoccupation with having a child of my own.

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