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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tuesday Twosome cont.

1. The perfect autumn day and what activities you enjoy.

Perfect Autumn day: warm (low 20's), slightly overcast, picnic at the park. Dinner in front of TV with movies. Cuddling up with the Boi. Just basically time spent with the Boi not doing anything huge, just being together.

2. Two things about yourself that make you different from everybody else:
My use of language; my eyes.

3. The last time you laughed really hard and why:
Reading Calvin and Hobbes the other day I laughed so hard I couldn't breath.

4. Two items of clothing that best represents who you are:
My burgundy Hippy style dress; it's long, flows nicely and is a little bit sexy while being totally not revealing. My tiny T's, they let me say what I want without it being too forceful (and as the Boi says; they make my breasts look good; hey, we can all be shallow when we want!)

5. Yourself as others see you and how you see yourself:
I see myself as slightly too curvaceous, seriously insecure but learning to love the image in the mirror. I am spiritual and sensual, sexual while not being cheap. I'm Gothic, a Hippy, a Boho Chic, a Beatnik, politically aware while being totally oblivious to how things run, ethically conscious while advocating each their own but do no harm. A witch, a bitch, bisexual, conservative but out there; loud and proud but hiding my real self.

Others; I don't know. These are some quotes from a survey I did for my counselling course:

your strength of character - you are always you - you don't feel the
need to pretend to be something you are not just to fit in with the
people you are with. This is in no way compromised by dressing down when
you do democrat stuff or visiting parents, in fact its heightened IMO
(humble or otherwise).

your intellect - you are highly intelligent, well read and you have an
amazing ability to retell information in your own way, which makes it
not only interesting to listen to, but also attainable to the less
bright of our society who need this information.

you are so easy to talk to and non judgemental.
have always found you innately easy to talk to and never judgemental at

your trustworthiness and discretion - I always know that if I entrust
you with something that is personal or that is a secret, that it wont go
any further add to that your ability to always find the right thing to
say to smooth something over when trusted information has been let out,
out of turn.

you are fun
Or this by a former Boi;

You have a deep commitment to your friends and family. You really know
how to look after people. You would make a top notch nurse because of
that. They don't have to be people you know, but with people you know
you take that caring to the next level.

I think that anything else I'd say would come back under this umbrella.

Oh, but you're smart. You're poetic. Passionate. Completely untethered
by what the crowd thinks you should do. This IVF thing shows great
bravery too.
You're also really cute :)
A family perspective:

Good Listener.....True Friend...... Amiable.........Willing to give a
hand.............. Patient........Able to put up with a lot
(family).... are
but a few that come to mind
So: that sees me out for today's Tuesday Twosome; a day late, hey, I was busy!

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