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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

7 Themes in 7 Days

I've noticed that different days have themes, so my goal for this week is to link to at least 7 different themes for each day and participate. It's a way in which I can mindlessly blow of steam. My challenge will be finding ones that are PG.

This is Sunday, Monday and today.

Sunday: Name your top seven favorite flavors of soup.
I'm vegetarian and also have a gluten intollerance. This might be tricky. Most of the soups listed are home made:
Pumpkin Soup made by the Boi
Cauliflower and Leek Soup that I make
Spring Vegetable Soup made by my Dad
Corn Chowder as made by my Sister
"Let's just use up the old vegies" Soup as made by me
Vegan Hot and Sour soup
Tomato Soup, from a can, Hienz I think is safe, uses tapioca not wheat or barley.

Monday: Today's theme is Meet A Friend For Lunch Day. Guess what? You get to invite some musicians for a lunch at your favorite restaurant!

First, tell us where you're going and what kind of food they serve.
Soul Mamas in St Kilda. They serve Vegetarian and Vegan food that is so yummy.
Next, choose one person for each category to invite to lunch. They can be alive or not-so-alive:

A guitar player Niel Diamond A lead singer Stevie Nicks A woman Janene Garofalo A Beatle George Harrison A country artist Patsy Kline The least-famous member of your favorite band.
Phil Small

Tuesday:Top 5 (or possibly 7) Songs with Days Of The Week In The Title
You can find it at: I cannot link it for some reason.
Monday Monday; The Mamas and The Papas or Manic Monday; The Bangles
Ruby Tuesday; The Rolling Stones
Wednesday; Tori Amos
Thursday's Child; David Bowie
Friday On My Mind; The Easybeats or Friday I'm In Love; The Cure
Saturday Night; Cold Chisel or Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting; Elton John
Sunday Bloody Sunday; U2 or Sunday Bloody Sunday; John Lennon.


Russ said...

Thanks for mamboing! Come back and play again if you wish.

Miss Politics said...

Im allergic to wheat and gluten too! At first I didn't like it much but I have learnt to cook around it now and am loving it! Especially since the pains in my tummy have stopped and the throwing up.

Kit Fur Cat said...

Miss Politics; Have you discovered Silly Yaks in Westgarth? Very yummy lemon merangue pie, good vegetarian and vegan range (but not brilliant).

I recommend.

Russ; thank you. I hope to play again soon. Love the duck.