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Friday, November 03, 2006

Cutting the cats' nails

Warning: This post includes
Cat Blogging and Proud Owner Being Dull About Cute Acts.

The Boi cut the cat's claws tonight.

This is my take on the events:

Nutty: Hiss; Bugger off! I like long nails!

Much like me; I like my nails long and hate cutting them. We are also both fastidious about them being clean.

Bosco: Hiss; She objected I should! Rowr! Oh woe is me; how could you! *Playful attempt to disembowel Boi and claw out eyes.*

Two hours later;

Her; still ignoring us.

Him; Sitting on paws, which he never does. Also very responsive to pats from the Boi.

I must admit I respect Nutty's stubbornness more than Bosco's pat slutting.

We really should get them a scratching post to save the furniture and the cat fights.

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