Phases Of The Moon and Phases Of Fertility


Monday, January 29, 2007

Some People Rock

I sent a request to what I thought was an American based blog list for couples going through IVF. I've linked to it before: cyclesista. I thought I'd get a nice "Good luck, you're linked" response. You get those when you join wordless Wednesday, Tuesday twosome and the Saturday scavenger hunt.

Instead I got a lovely letter and a whole heap of information from someone who lives "down the road" from where the Boi and I are.

Every now and then someone does something that breaks through the cynical hormonal self that I can be and makes me realise how fortunate I am on so many levels.

Add to this the kindness shown by employer when, nauseous and dizzy about to fall asleep where I stood, I was let go home early even with the bucket loads of work still to do.

I walked in at home to collapse on the bed, mutter something about mineral water and plain rice crackers, then fall asleep for 2 hours.

I don't want to be too hopeful but I cannot remember being this nauseated or tired the last two times. I don't have as severe a crinone reaction; but will whinge about headaches and gall bladder pain of a lesser degree at another point when I have forgotten this.

On a sadder note: I missed a call from a great friend, when I called her back she told me that an old Melbourne Goth had passed over from a brain anuerysm. She was a friend in a social sense, so we weren't that close. I might write a tribute for her over at LJ for those who would like a few memories of what a great person whe was. I just want to put a huge hug out there for all those missing her and mourning her. She was a good person and the world needs more of those. For me I will remember her as the first person who challenged my boundaries in BDSM and perceptions of people. I'm not going to insult her by trying to remember how to spell her name (I'm notoriously bad at spelling names) so simply;

Vale, A. Too short lived, for long loved.
Thoughts to family and friends
Angels to watch over all
Rest in Peace, A.

I'm going to go rest now. I have an early start in the morning then two days off (before 5 days straight.) I might coffee and chocky first. I feel like I'm avoiding many of my other favourite things: soft cheeses, long hot baths, sushi: so I figure I get some treats.

I'm happy to receive recipes and advice on foods; please remember I am coeliac and lacto ova vegetarian.

The blastocytes they didn't put in didn't survive, so no bub-sicles for back up.

I need lots of prayers and hope at the moment but am finding it so hard to find.

I'm thinking in honour of A that I'll call the one in my tummy Titania or Frank.


Miss Politics said...

Titania is an awesome name ...

deanna said...

You're right---Cyclesista is a real gem. From one girl in the 2ww to another: very best of luck to you! I hope the time goes quickly, with lots of good news at the end.

Best wishes!