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Thursday, January 25, 2007

IVF: Ohhhh *slaps wrist to forehead*, The Pain!

Seeing as I can barely move from the sharp shooting pains in my abdomen following two days of work and the harvest on Monday I'm killing time by doing memes that I was lagging on and posting crap on this site.

I start the gel tonight and we transfer on Saturday; I need to call and find out the time in the one hour window they open on Australia Day.

My employer continues to be so lovely about all of this that I want to cry. I told her I needed Saturday and she gave me the weekend and an open Monday. If I go back on Monday she wants me doing the fiddly things and not pushing myself to hard to fast. How lucky am I?

Surfing around I found a few blogs had commented on the AD's antiracism stance by calling them unAustralian. Quotes out of context (but hey, you gotta expect that from people who feed of the teat of the Murdoch Media). Once again peoples: they support the flag not the abuse of it by racist yobbos who want to use it as a symbol of hate. Think the KKK in the US using the Stars and Stripes as a motive on their uniforms. Do you think that even the most open minded Senator would support this as "freedom of speech" or lament the degradation of the flag by using it as a symbol of hatred.

I don't know what images stuck with others of the Cronulla riots but in my mind I see the violence perpetrated by thsoe wearing the flag.

As Senator Bartlett said, and I paraphrase here, it's unAustralian to use the flag in such a way.

Having said that the blogs who've ran with this story have a higher readership than they deserve and about as much credibility in what they are saying as Howard has time for multiculturalism. (I'm primarily thinking Mr "Innaugral Blog Award".)

A much bigger travesty is seeing Amanda Vanstone kicked out of the cabinet by Howard. I became a fan of sorts during her appearances on Good News Week. She also gets kudos for her "It's better to be big in the backside than to have bulldust for brains." comment. I didn't like her politics at times; but then she had an unenviable job to do.

In other news Herr Bolt is back; see the Boi's blog and Bolt Watch for a good summary of why this stinks. I'm not linking directly to Bolt, he gets enough coverage at the HereallDumb.

Ok, that's me ranted out.

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