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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just For Fun

I followed a link at Anonymous Lefty out of curiosity... seems I'm pretty spot on in what I think I am...

Greens Australian Democrats Labor Party Family First Liberal Party National Party One Nation
90.6% 80.8% 74.5% 43.8% 33.5% 27.9% 19.7%

Political outlook

Your broad political orientation score is -65.3%, which equates to a ‘Left’ position

Economic policy

Your economic policy score score is -50%. This equates to a ‘Left’ position

Social policy

Your social policy score is -69.5%. This equates to a ‘Left’ position

Traditional values

Your traditional values score is -75.6%. This equates to a ‘Far Left’ position

Yep, thought so.

I must say I thought I would rank higher on the Democrat scale than the Green, but I am happy with the outcome. It reflects a good general overview of where I am politically. Some of the questions were a bit confusing in their wording, but over all a quiz that was well worded and thought out.

1 comment:

Miss Politics said...

LOL. 90% Greens! That's awesome! I did the test too and was far left on all ... and Greens offcourse :)