Phases Of The Moon and Phases Of Fertility


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Day eight: Scan in the morning.

So... It's hot, I'm feeling very ditsy and moody. I have no energy to do anything. All of this and a scan in the morning to count follicles.

If all goes well we harvest Friday or Monday. If not, we begin again when my next cycle starts.

A lot rides on the number of those little follicles.

I feel like a battery hen that knows she'll be sent to the slaughter house if her egg production isn't good enough.This photo of my fat belly (I've lost two kilos and we think it's off my thighs and bottom, less cellulite. The drugs increase weight gain around my middle.) also shows my bruising from the injections earlier in the week... you know the one that I said speared each cell? (I do like that it's rounded and up front like I'm second trimester already. I don't like that it makes it a bitch to find clothes.)

SO: if tomorrow goes well the next post will be happy and uplifting; if the numbers aren't good then the next post may be sometime coming as I pick myself up all over again.

Oh.. yeah... Synarel headaches getting worse. Some how when working all day I don't notice them as much.

Back to the Golden Globes.

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