Phases Of The Moon and Phases Of Fertility


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blast [-o-cyt-]ing in to motherhood

I have a blastocyte in my tummy, implanted yesterday.

It's at day 5 growth.

If all goes well at the blood test in a fortnight I am pregnant.

If not: they suggest you look at it like a delayed period and not a miscarriage, but this doesn't help. This is where Ziggy Stardust went byebye.

If all goes well the next hurdle is the first scan.

We lost "The spiders from Mars" at this one.

I called them by names so i didn't feel a drip talking to my tummy.

Ziggy Stardust came from a joke about having an alien inside; loving the alien; the alien being a Zygote... so in a long round about way the "Loving the alien" Bowie reference ended up ZS&TSFM. So when we had three blastocytes from last time the first one was Ziggy.

The backing group became the Spiders.

I'm looking for a cute name for this lots. We have three awaiting freezing; we find out how that goes tommorow.

I like the idea of a "Pun that flows". Mum called me Methusalah as she felt she was the oldest mum ever at 42.

My niece's little boy called his brother a jelly bean when he saw the ultrasound photo so she had a Jelly-bean in her jelly belly. I swear I still cannot eat Jelly beans around Josh for fear of questions.

The Boi andI have decided not to tell people too soon this time. my fear comes in having his niece aged almost 6 and Josh, 5, know what's going on and ask uncomfortable questions if things don't work.

Boi get's this.

Also it means less crap about MIL who "know" and buy innappropriate presents. (If she ever reads this, HORMONES, I SWEAR!) MIL rocks but can be a little difficult to cope with as she is such an optimist. When I reach 3 months I'll be doing the "I've got some ideas on maternity clothes... can you help?" so I can dress comfortable without losing me.

We've decided not to do (read, The Boi's told me he doesn't like it) the releasing options on names too early. I still favour the idea of calling them/ it/ him/ her after a family member who's passed over or has a big impact on us. I'm thinking his side for boy my side for girl. Is this TMI? I guess I'll find out.

Stuill, all in all we got the coolest little picture of our blastocyte yesterday. The crinone has not yet decided my gall bladder is it's new worst enemy, and the nausea this time is almost bearable.

All positives.


Miss Politics said...

YIPEE! Thats just wonderful. All positive thoughts coming from my direction.

Take it easy. Relax. Enjoy. And eat lots of cracker breads in morning lol. That's what I did!

The Boi said...

As long as they're gluten free, Miss P! She's getting enough reflux in the mornings as it is, without adding a gluten reaction in there as well :(

Miss Politics said...

Yep. Indeed. Glutten free aplenty in supermarket. Problem is I don't know why they ever called it morning sickness. I seemed to be sick all day long. Weird.