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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Signs and symptoms: or, I have a day off and no energy to move.

Out of desperation to better understand what is going on in my body I thought I'd look up morning sickness. I mean if it is psycho somatic than I should only have nausea and breast tenderness, if it's real I might have a few more things... so I entered Morning Sickness in google.

First result:

First tab of interest in this: Pregnancy Smptoms.

Lets see which ones I have so I can obsess even more. (This sentence is followed by either a maniacal laugh or a journey through the round window.)

  • Missed period or a period with less bleeding than normal
  • Yes, but that could be all th hormones that are floating around inmy system that mean I am late... by about three days... so I'm not going to take this one to heart.

  • Backaches
  • YES, really severe to point of having trouble with movement. Seeing as I am not clear how I hurt my back yesterday, twisted to pick up something behind me but in the past this has been alleviated after a hot shower and some rest. Not this time. So, I'm claiming this one.

  • Constipation
    This symptom is caused by hormone changes, and the growing uterus pressing against the bowel.
  • I brought a bottle of prune juice, does that count as tmi?

  • Darkening of areola (breast nipple)
    This can be one of the first symptoms which can appear as early as one week after conception and then throughout pregnancy.
  • Nope

  • Excessive salivation
  • Yes, but then the salivary glands trigger is very close to the place in the brain for nausea. So I don't know.

  • Exhaustion or feeling sleepy
    Can occur one to six weeks after conception and last your entire pregnancy.
  • Yes.

  • Food cravings
  • Yes

  • Frequent urination
    You may see this symptom six to eight weeks after conception and it will be with you for your entire pregnancy. This is caused by hormone changes and growing pressure on the bladder.
  • Yes

  • Headaches
  • Yes, but I can explain this away.

  • Increased sense of smell
  • Yes, but I thought that was because i am no longer stuffing syneral up my nose.

  • Lower abdominal cramps
  • Check

  • Nausea and vomiting
    This symptom usually shows up two to ten weeks after conception. The degree in which you feel sick varies from none to full fledged vomiting. The terminology for this nausea is "morning sickness" by can happen at any time of the day. Hormone changes in your body cause this symptom.
  • Check

  • Tender or swollen breasts
    This symptom is one that can appear rather quickly after fertilization - one to two weeks after conception and will most likely be with you your entire pregnancy.
  • Check
Ok, so by this list I am pregnant. Somehow I think there may be more to these very general symptoms and they could all be explained away if I really wanted to.

Did you know women who experience morning sickness have less chance of a miscarriage?

The remedies tab at this site is good, except that my craves are for spicy foods and it advises avoidance as they can exacerbate the nausea.

Most of the other sites in the top ten say to seperate liquids and solids, maintain your B6 and drink ginger tea. All good advice. They all recommend dry plain crackers and cereals too.

For more information try:

OK, I'm going to try and get a few things done before I have my volunteer work this afternoon.

Hugs out to Deanna.


Bumble said...

Good Luck! Hope those symptoms all mean the right thing!

Nearlydawn said...

Hope these are all the signs leading the way to a BFP!


Miss Politics said...

It sounds like pregnancy symptoms to me! The 'morning sickness' is usually a give away.

I found dry cracker bikkies (you can buy the gluten free type) were the best. I would stay away from spicy as it can make you feel more sick.

In the mornings try not to jump out of bed really quickly. That can just make you throw up!

Nothing really makes the sickness go away but some things do help.

In a very kind way I am very glad your feeling the 'morning sickness' as its a strong sign of pregnancy and a healthy pregnancy at that :)

Love Miss P

Kit Fur Cat said...

Thanks guys.

I'm taking it as easy as I can and sipping ginger diffused in water while nibbling rice crackers.


kitten said...

im having all these same things right now and trying to explain them away... :S

First time IVFer said...

oh your post made me laugh so much! i feel your pain, i'm in the same boat! who on earth would invent ivf drugs that have side effects that mimic pregnancy! it's just pure evil. are you on crinone?

good luck :)

ps. my life as a battery hen just about sums up how i feel today. thanks again for the great read :)