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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rehearsal And Table Settings

OK, so we survived the rehearsal on Sunday with only a few hiccups.

Up for sale is one mother who insists I get my full name but contracts her own. Going cheep, well, she is an old bird.

Next item for consideration; three nervous children; very cute with early signs of stage fright. It should be OK on the day, but until then...

We had the future in-laws over to sort out table placement last night. My family plays happy family with undercurrent of animosity very well; but from the outside it's impossible to spot. We always assumed it was 7 children with very different personalities. The Boi's family have less underlying issues; but are more vocal about it. *Sigh* So table settings were fun.

One reshuffle of friends, one reposition for my family, and reorganise most of the Boi's side. This is cool. The final tables aren't far off what I wanted so I'm happy. Only one thing I'd have done differently; but that involves locking two people in a room and only letting the survivor emerge, or both when they've sorted their issues out. Family is fun.

Off to pick up dresses.

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