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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hens Night

Lots of fun had by all.

Lots of food problems; the vegan option wasn't, the gluten free wasn't, the desert was covered in peanuts. Rectifying all 3 caused more hassles than worth.

Venue shut at 1, sadly so did everything else in Richmond.

Cute guy doing raspberries in my ear and on my neck for part of night: 1.

Cute guy being someone I consider annoying little brother made this so icky; but very very funny.

Theatre restaurant performance was cliched and fan geekdom to the max; we sat there picking the movies and shows. (Head cast member came over and congratulated us on the picks as he heard some of the discussions.)

Unfortunate incidents involving body fluids: 2.

I cannot handle tequila, one shot and I threw up. (Stress, tequila and gluten not a good combination.) Splashed shoes and feet.

No toilets after everything shut so I went in an alley way. Splash on shoes and feet doubled with mysterious squelching noise under feet.

Embarrassing head wear/ hens wear: 2. One tiara, one flashing sign.

Most frequent Internet check ups: Election results, cricket score.

I had the best night. Pity the Boi wasn't there to share it.

Sleep now. Rehearsal tomorrow.

Final word to Luenig:

Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that.

Michael Leunig


Miss Politics said...

WOW. What a night! LOL ... That's why I don't go out in Richmond.

Brunswick Street is good. Alot of dodgy places open till we hours of morning.

What did the flashing sign on your head say?

Kit Fur Cat said...

It was a very pretty "Bride to be" tiara on my head; the traffic sign on my front flashed "Hens party".

I think I posted this entry while slightly intoxicated.

I hope people are stocking up on white candles for the day; I've already asked a few to light one for us; and to put a little hope for my uncle who'll be going through a life threatening/ saving operation the Thursday before.