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Friday, September 15, 2006


In less then three months the Boi and I are getting married. This is actually not causing me anywhere near as much stress as I thought it would... or the Boi thought it would either. Boi seems to feel that I am stressing though. I figure if I can't feel it then it's all in his head for a change. Like the logic? I thought I'd try out a novel approach.

I have the dress, the venue and celebrant are booked. That's almost as far as we've gotten.

The invites are awaiting our attention to print up. We have design figured out and all sorted. Wording perfected. Guest
list drawn up.

My "proxy" matron of honour is K, her mum, my sister, lives about two hours away so K's working out a few things for her at this end. We have the guest list, the invite template, the papers and a venue but not gotten much closer to finalising "hen's night". !st step is finding a better thing to call it.

Future mother in law is going to make flower girl dresses for future sister in law's 2 daughters. Her vision and mine are a little different. She wants overskirt. I want simple clean lines. If anything overskirt can have a false petticoat that can be a different colour and peak out from the hem. This can match the sashes atound their middle and the roses in their hair. Simple but sweet. I wanted scuffs but the girls mum wants "proper foot wear", so I guess she can deal with that. No biggy.

I cannot find the shoes I want, or the hair piece. Mum is all anxious and won't let me borrow hers. It's a bit yellowed as it's 50 years old. I want it drycleaned and as my "something old", she's panicky it will "melt". Jewellery is also causing hassles.

My sister and I desperately need to catch up to organise her outfit. She's happy with whatever I chose. I wnat her to try on the styles I like and chose herself. Everytime we get close to organising this though something turns up. We are also different neck types so I want to see what type of necklace for her. A choker on me looks good but she might not like them, and one ting I am not having is my Matron uncomfortable.

Dad want's to wear this steal grey (like a navy meets grey) suit. I would prefer he hire a black suit. We agree on one thing though, he'll wear a tinted shirt undernesth and not a white or ivory one. The tie will also match the suit. Dad's over 80 so I don't want him thinking that the suit he buys for the wedding will be his funeral one, so I'm not pushing. The steel grey thing at least fits and isn't shiny.

Mum want's me to go shopping with her for an outfit. That may prove the death of one of us. I love her dearly, but Southland with a woman who hates to shop?

My biggest fear though is that the details will be wrong.... flowers, music, meals, cars, cake... other peoples outfits.... hair and make up... and that this will turn me in to a Bridezilla.

At this stage I cannot even decide on "walk down aisle music".... anyone got a karaoke version of Chisel's Khe Sanh? ;P

The Boi said he's cancel it if I chose "Suddenly" by Angry Anderson, aka Scott and Charlene's wedding song; it's almost tempting. *Evil grin*

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