Phases Of The Moon and Phases Of Fertility


Saturday, September 30, 2006


So; post anaesthetic recovery going slowly but well. It hurts to move and the antibiotics have made me feel groggy and emotional.

Oh, did I mention going in for a D&C and a hysteroscopy? Nope? *Shrug* My bad. I'm not dwelling on this today.

It's Grand Final Day, a topic I won't discuss because of the BEST TEAM EVER no making it, and a supposed bias I hold against interstate teams being even allowed to play in the AFL. What next? New Zealand in the NBL? Singapore? *Shakes head*

I actually don't care about the Basketball, I don't get the game, it just illustrates my point... sorta. I just know in my heart that Collingwood would have at least three more Grand Final Cups if the interstate teams weren't so backed financially by the governing body to promote the game interstate.

So for the weekend I'm a Soccer and NRL girl. Two brilliant Melbourne teams taking on the rest of Australia.

The wedding shopping is almost done. I just need to find jewellery, book hair, book hens night and organise my sister now. Cars are still being debated.


Flowers: Tick.
Flowergirl outfits: Tick.
Shoes: Tick.
Lingerie: Tick.
Cake: Appointment made.
Invites: Just need to be printed and sent. (GRRRRR, behind my schedule....)
Addresses: The Boi needs to get addresses for his side, I have all except five of mine. (This is not a competition. I'm trying to minimise all my stresses by being organised. It's not working too badly.)
Play list: Tick


Invites completed and sent
Thank yous for presents
Date for sister coming down confirmed
Cake confirmed
Cars; finalised either way
Reading for ceremony
Bonbonierre debate opened

IVF: on hold till January. Mixed feelings. Heart V. Head. Head ruling. :(

Course: finalising bits and pieces. Hopefully I can graduate next year. 5 assesments, 2 rpls, 2 exams and counting. (One is a mini exam in class next Thursday, two talks for assessments with essays attached... not too bad. Rest not too stressed over... just RPLs).

Work: Need to push harder for shifts. Once course over I am going to base my work hours around Peter's so we can at least see each other and sleep together.

Weight loss: On hold till Monday; Tummy ouches too much for exercise.

Business ideas: ONE: card manufacturing on a small scale for sale around local florists and gift places. Need to find distribution group and requirements.

Emotional state: Blah! (Did you know that when a bipolar goes in to manic phase one way it presents is a voracious sexual appetite! When depressed the oppisite happens. Learnt something new yesterday.)

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