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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

IVF appointment

The Boi and I have just returned from our appointment this morning with our IVF gynaecologist at Epworth.

I'm begining to understand how people fail to register things at a doctor's. Normally I walk away clear on what has happened but not today.

I can remember the cold, clinical inspection of my uterus... the pinch of the swab as they tested for whatever they take the cultures for. The invasion of the fngers as they palpated my cervix. Getting more information about changes to techniques. I hope Boi took it in because I went to my bad head space after the examination and can't remember much after that.

Appears that I need another D&C, for three reasons... open up the cervix (too small and tight), the regrowth of endometrium after a D&C increases the chances that the blastocele will implant thus increasing chances of pregnancy (A blastocele or cyte is the stage before zygote, the zygote develops into a foetus, the foetus becomes a baby.) and the third reason was to ensure all the remnants of the miscarriage are gone.

That's an image I need. My uterus the cemetery. Anyway, my mood is sinking even lower so I'll eat something. Then I'll get some sleep and go to the gym before working the night shift. (One thing you'll rarely hear in aged care is a nightshift being called a "graveyard shift", for all the obvious reasons.)

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