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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Palliative Care

The case coordinator for my father has called my mother to set up an appointment for this Friday.

They are talking about transfering him from the Kingston Centre to Bethlehem Hospice as he has deteriorated to a point where they feel that Palliative care is the best option.

Sometimes I hate knowing what I do about ageing and aged care.


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ellie said...

Ouch. I am so sorry- it's alot to deal with in addition to all that you have going on. My thoughts are with you.

I wonder if you can snack on the morning star chx wings or chx tenders-- do they have those where you are? They look like chicken, taste like chicken but are made of soy :). They also make a corn dog all out of soy. I keep them around for the nephews but find that if I am going to eat a corn dog-- that well, at least I know I am having soy.