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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Honey Moon

View of the sky from the car park where we got Chinese on Wednesday Night.
The effect is caused by the Bush fires. The photo was taken at 6pm.
The View from where we stayed. This was taken as soon as we got there on Sunday.
This shot was taken from the front porch of Bedaki Cottage at Wandiligong. Photo taken at about 6 so you can compare the effect of the fires.

The Bedaki SC B&B we stayed in. Small but in that cosy way.
I recommend that people get up there after the fires have gone and support the local economy.
Lots of fun to be had in the district; wineries, cheese shops, chocolate shops, lots of fine food.

1)The best place for GF was Myrtleford, but we found many places in Bright itself that catered for Coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans.

2) The best non food public fun had was at the Wandiligong Maze. $9 entry for adults but well worth it to support this heritage site.

3) My favourite wine was at Boynton's; the sauvignon blanc semillion. The Boi recommends the Gapstead Merlot.

4) Nicest cheeses: Milawa cheese factory. Try the chevrel. YUM!

5) Nicest Chocolate: Milawa Chocolate Shop: Chili Chocolate bits! Cinnamon Hearts! No Gluten. No peanuts.

6) Best night: Tuesday. Strip and dare poker. OK, so it's childish; but with a little imagination it can also be very adult. The idea is you lose an article every time you lose a hand. When you have no more clothes to lose you start having to perform. If you cannot perform the other person can put on an article of clothing. No dares that mean the person might get hurt. I started off getting the Boi to do some silly things before we got serious. (Silly things included "Impersonate your favourite male porn star", for which he chose a scene from Orgasmo through to "Foot massage and you can't make me laugh.") Lots of clean fun. TMI?

7) Scariest thing: Not knowing if we would need to evacuate at anytime. We didn't know when we headed up that the fires would be a risk, and as the Boi said "we would of gone anyway." I would not of changed a thing during the week away; but if I had one I could chose it would be "No fires." This goes for the state not just the region.

8) Most aggravating thing: My mother calling to ask me to stop in at the Wangaratta Woolen mills to get her some baby wool. Followed closely by it all having to end.

So, lots of fun had. When I get photos I'll post about the ceremony and the wedding. it's good to be back but I wish we had longer.

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