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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Commercial dreamings

I'm not a big fan of recieving presents; if you're going to give me something give me ox fam stuff that helps others or give me vouchers for books.

My 6 for this weekend (after a fortnights break due to being so busy) is my 6 point Santa list.

1) I'd like all the Pratchett stuff I am missing; especially the books and the latest screen interpretation of on of his books: Hogfather.

2) The catch up on the James Patterson books wouldn't go astray either.

3) While we are talking books; the latest Foxtrot anthologies would be very nice.

4) New lingerie, especially undies, teddies, p'j's and bustierres.

5) Shoes: ballerina style in a range of colours. Black, 3 pair, canvas, matte and patent; Red patent; Baby Pink matte and an off white that would go with jeans in a canvas. (I have a shoe addiction and this style is the most comortable.)

6) My roster for the new year so I know when I can start working fixed hours.

On a higher note:

1) Troops out of Iraq and peace in that country.

2) Clean water for all those areas in desperate need of it.

3) An end to the drought in Australia.

4) Better funding for community aid organisations that help at a grass roots level.

5) An end to duck hunting in Australia, and the hunting of any other native creature stopped. (If you need to shoot things, take your agression out on the feral rabbits, foxes and pigs.)

6) A cure for male infertility caused by antibodies that is not going to have major side efects and will mean that more couples can conceive naturally.

Quote: John Lennon. Merry Christmas; War is over.

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